Sausage of The Week

Here at Trotters we make so many fantastic flavours of sausages, that it is not possible to make all the flavours all of the time.  So alongside our varied range that we have for sale each week, we also chose one flavour each week to be SAUSAGE OF THE WEEK.  This lets us be a bit more creative with our flavour thinking, like pork chilli & chocolate, or pork stilton & asparagus.  The Sausage of the week will be on the blackboards at the shop, or give us a call to find out what is new.

Our award winning sausages are handmade in the shop. We take cuts of pork from the shoulder, belly, and small amounts of trim from the leg.
This is minced seasoned and then mixed with Rusk and water.

Our recipes are all 75% pork content, and that means actual pork as mentioned, NOT rind, or organs, or any other meat type.
To this 75% meat we add 5% seasoning, 10%rusk and 10% water. This recipe gives a sausage that cooks superbly and has fantastic eating qualities.

All sausages are hand linked, and checked for quality before sale. We are big believers in the theory of “you only get out what you put in” therefore
good quality ingredients = good quality sausages. The only difficult thing is to decide what flavour to buy, we have around 30 different flavours of sausage,
and we are often looking at creating new tastes, and trying something different

We'll also let you know what is the best way to cook our sausage of the week too.