Hog Roasts

We can cater for any party size with a superb free range hog roast, 50 people to 1000 people.
We can provide full service, self service, or hog roast hire options. 
What is included?
Full Service Option
Free range whole pig cooked to perfection ( juicy meat and crispy crackling ), Apple Sauce ( made by Bracken Hill Preserves, York), Sage and onion stuffing, 5" Bread rolls, polystyrene plates, napkins, and staff to carve and serve the sandwiches as required.
Self Service Option
We will provide the hog roaster with a free range whole pig.  We can bring this to you ready cooked, or bring to you uncooked and set it running for you.  It is then your responsibility to carve and serve yourself. ( Please be aware the pig will take a minimum of 7 hours to cook depending on size ).  Bread buns, Apple sauce, stuffing, and disposables are all optional extras.  A cleaning deposit is required with this option, and the hog roaster should be returned clean.
Hog Roast Hire Only
We also hire out the hog roaster with no pig.  Again hog roaster to be cleaned before returning. 
We can also provide freshly made salads and other items on request.
Please contact us for a quote and date availability: info@trotterspork.com