About Us

At Trotters Farm we don't just care about the welfare of our pigs.  We are also passionately aware of how farming methods can effect us all.  Much has been said about the threat of antibiotic resistance and how bacteria that cause disease can become resistant to antibiotics when they are overused.  Because of this there is increasing pressure on the farming industry to drastically reduce the amount of antibiotics used in Agriculture.  At Trotters we have gone one step further, and do not use any antibiotics on the farm, and haven't done for over 10 years.  We are proud of our healthy pigs. 

Sadly in todays world there are very few farms that can make this claim. 
The farming industry is continuously been pushed to its limits to produce more for less.  This is not natural, and creates factory farming causing more problems to overcome usually with chemicals or drugs.  You have a choice, think about what you are eating and where it comes from.

Our Produce
Home reared free range pork (Antibiotic free since 1998)
Local beef and lamb
Homemade award winning sausages
Homemade award winning bacon & gammons
Top quality Yorkshire produce

    Free Range Pork
    All pork is home reared, 100% free range, as nature intended.
    Free Range = slower growing = more taste
    The pigs themselves are the main reason for the tasty succulent pork.
    Once the pigs have visited the local abattoir they return to us as a full carcass. All butchery is done on site, and our expert team can hand prepare the cuts of pork to your requirements. Whether you like the traditional cuts on the bone, or something fancy for a dinner party. We will always endeavour to meet your needs. Not sure what cut you need, then let us know and we will advise you the best way that we can.

    Local Beef
    All our beef is sourced from Mr. Oliver Barker, at East lodge Farm, Brompton (approx 4 miles from us) each week Ollie hand selects the beef for us from his herd. This enable us to have a consistent quality, and taste.

    The cattle come to our shop as full carcasses, and hung to mature in our fridges. This process takes 21 to 28 days. The maturing process helps the flavour to develop fully in the meat, and tenderises the meat to make it melt in your mouth.
    Once this is complete the beef is expertly butchered and trimmed to the customer’s requirements. Anything from mince, to fillet steak, to crop, to silverside. Traditional or modern cuts catered for.

    Local Lamb
    The Lamb is also farmed for us by Ollie Barker.  The lambs graze on the rich Yorkshire pastures, near Brompton, and also on our own fields behind the shop.  As with the Beef the lambs are hand selected on a weekly basis, to ensure the perfect carcass is chosen every time.  All the lambs are butchered on site to suit your needs.

    All our award winning sausages are handmade in the shop. We take cuts of pork from the shoulder, belly, and small amounts of trim from the leg. This is minced seasoned and then mixed with Rusk and water. Our recipes are all 75% pork content, and that means actual pork as mentioned, NOT rind, or organs, or any other meat type. To this 75% meat we add 5% seasoning, 10%rusk and 10% water. This recipe gives a sausage that cooks superbly and has fantastic eating qualities. All sausages are hand linked, and checked for quality before sale. We are big believers in the theory of “you only get out what you put in” therefore good quality ingredients = good quality sausages. The only difficult thing is to decide what flavour to buy, we have around 30 different flavours of sausage, and we are often looking at creating new tastes, and trying something different. Choose from Traditional Pork, Jalapeno Pepper, Black Pudding, Pork & tomato, look in the online shop to see what is available today.

    Dry Cured Bacon & Gammons
    A certain amount of our pigs are allowed to grow a little bigger and these we call Bacon pigs. These slightly bigger pigs are ideal for our Dry cured bacon production. From these carcasses we take the middles for bacon and the hind legs for gammons, the front shoulder for bacon joints, (or sausages). The middle of pork has the bone removed, and is salted and left to cure for 10 days. The gammons are cured on the bone, a small amount of brine is added to the leg, and the outside is covered in salt, this is left for ten days, (during that time the brine that was added drains from the leg).

    These curing processes give a dry cured bacon and gammon that is second to none.
    (BPEX North East Region Champion 2012).
    - Minimal shrinkage
    - No watery residue whilst cooking
    - Great traditional tasting bacon.